Art + Travel Adventure to Nepal – Coach travel

More impressions of Nepal :  Coach travel

No matter how tired, or how long the journey was, I could not permit myself to sleep on the coach.  I would prop  myself by the window, camera at the ready and all because  – the Nepalese countryside had a hypnotic effect on me – I feared  I might miss something!

Street Life in Nepal

Street Life in Nepal – fresh fish straight from the river to the shop

Signs from the road in Nepal

Signs from the road

Fascinated, we drove along through the bustling towns and villages, blossoming marigolds and lush plant life surrounded us. The roads were under constant construction as the land slides played havoc with the countryside.

Street life in Nepal

Street life in Nepal

I thought of all the paintings I might some day get around to as I excitedly mixed the colour palettes in my mind and tried to permanently fix  on these vibrant views …….. some day, I thought to myself,  I will paint these memories!

Nepalese Countryside

Nepalese Countryside

On the road to Chitwan from Nagarkot, the journey takes us 6 hours along the main route between Tibet and Kathmandu.  Opting for the front seat of the bus and a panoramic view, we could also see the oncoming traffic.  High speed, pot-holed roads, absent road markings, just the constancy of the all too familiar sound “Beep-Beep”,   we overtake a truck that is overtaking a truck, then a tourist coach, a lorry carrying all manner of goods, a stray cow or a buffalo – one big  long roller coaster ride!

Nepal - A view from the bus

Nepal – A view from the bus

Our driver, always calm and composed, with a quiet determination to reach a timely destination, shows no sign of road-rage, dishevellment, does not swear, nor sweat, nor shake an angry fist in this mayhem – it is just another day on the road – this is how it is!

What an interesting place to visit!  Have you been?

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